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Turning Good into Greater Good

Make a Greater Impact in the St. Louis Community Through Collective Giving

At the Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund (SOS), we pool our resources, invest as a group and award grants to smaller St. Louis-area non-profits. By investing collectively, we achieve greater impact.

We are a diverse group of women from nearly every corner of the St. Louis region, Since our founding in 2006, SOS has been a quiet but mighty force for change, delivering over $3.1 million in focused and informed grants to more than 95 small nonprofits throughout the community.

If you are interested in gaining a greater knowledge of philanthropy and a better understanding of nonprofits operating in the Greater St. Louis community, please join us. You don’t need an invitation, just sign up. We need you.

Turning Good Into Greater Good, That's Why We Give Together

How It Works

Contribute – Our members commit to an $1,200 annual contribution. $1,080 of each contribution goes to grants and $120 to support educational programs and operation.

Vote – With “One Member, One Vote”,  our members vote on proposed grants.

Grant – Since our founding in 2006, SOS has invested over $3.1 million in urgent and critical needs throughout the St. Louis Community.

Learn More About How We Work

SOS Presents Nine Local Nonprofits with over $202,000 in Grants at the 2022 Spirit Awards

In celebration of our 15th year of giving, we recognize the 2022 SOS grantees and our past grantees that truly represent what it means to be a hero.  These nonprofits have overcome the obstacles that were put in their paths, and continue to enrich the Greater St. Louis community with their valuable work. 

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