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·       CHADS:  $25,000

Expand depression and suicide outreach services to 2-4 charter schools in the city of St. Louis

·       Community Performance Ensemble$20,000

Bring a nationally known music program to East St. Louis Public Schools

·       InspireSTL:  $14,000

Place talented low-income middle school students in college-prep high schools and provide them with academic, social and emotional support

·       L.E.A.D. Promising Youth:  $10,000

Upgrade the technology and software of a mathematics curriculum for disadvantaged students in an after-school program

·       Let’s Start$20,000

Support therapeutic services and partial staff salary to encourage recovery for formerly incarcerated women

·       Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project:  $20,000

Help low-income immigrants to apply for citizenship, work authorization and U.S. visas for relatives

·       Soulfisher Ministries$10,000

Expand a tutoring program to youth with incarcerated parents

·       St. Louis HELP:  $20,000

Expand its services by adding staff hours and increasing the number of equipment drives for home medical equipment

·       St. Louis Learning Disabilities:  $11,000

Add three preschools to a free and reduced-cost preschool program for children with learning disabilities

·       Voices for Children$20,000

Recruit, train and retain volunteer advocates for abused and neglected children in the foster care system

·       Women’s Place:  $20,000
Increase services to women seeking safety at drop-in centers serving St. Louis County and St. Charles