2022 Spirit Awards video

Powered by a diverse group of women from nearly every corner of the St. Louis region, SOS has been a quiet but mighty force for change since 2006, delivering over $3.1 million in focused and informed grants to more than 95 small nonprofits throughout the community.

Grant recipients recognized at the  Spirit Awards:

Multi-year grant recipient: St. Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective ($100,000 paid in three $33,333 installments, beginning in 2020)

Single-year grant recipients: Angels’ Arms ($20,000), Caring for Kids  ($14,625), EarthDance ($25,000), Gateway to Oral Health Foundation ($25,000),

Lift for Life Gym ($15,000), Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA) ($25,000),  The Breakfast Club ($20,000), Welcome Neighbor ($25,000)