April 2019 Newsletter


With the new blooms, April is the perfect month to celebrate National Volunteer Month and the new life that volunteers are bringing to the St. Louis community.
April is also the month that we celebrate the birth of famed poet and writer, Maya Angelou. In her book, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now,” she discusses the importance of investing time and resources in others.
Angelou’s words are timeless as she writes:
“When we cast our bread upon the waters, we can presume that someone downstream whose face we will never know will benefit from our action, as we who are downstream from another will profit from that grantor’s gift. Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence -neither speed up nor slow down, add to nor diminish – it is an imponderably valuable gift. The elderly whose pillows we plump or whose water pitchers we refill may or may not thank us for our gift, but the gift is upholding the foundation of the universe. The children to whom we read simple stories may or may not show gratitude, but each boon we give strengthens the pillars of the world.”
Thank you to our board members, committee members, grant review teams and the entire SOS membership for your donation of the “imponderable gift” of time and funding. This investment in creating education programs and participating in the grant review process will culminate at our Spirit Awards on May 22nd.
We will multiply the power of one by investing together in small but mighty local non-profits. These agencies are helping the underserved, creating impact and strengthening the pillars
of community.
Thank you for being a part of this collective investment.
In SOS Spirit,
Amy Inman

SOS Book Discussion
June 4th

What: The Same Sky
When: 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. June 4th
Where:Leslie Corey’s Home, 639 Pine Rise Dr., Chesterfield, MO 63017

We will discuss the book, “The Same Sky,” by Amanda Eyre Ward. It tells the story of Alice Conroe, a 40-year- old Texas barbecue owner who has the perfect life, except she and her husband long for a child.
Unable to conceive, she’s trying desperately to adopt but her destiny is quickly altered by a young woman she’s never met.
Parking available on the street and driveway.

Register Now

SOS Women’s Fund Annual Meeting and Spirit Awards
Join us May 22nd!

What: SOS Women’s Fund Annual Meeting and Spirit Awards
When: 5:30 to 7 p.m. May 22
Where: Norman Probstein Golf Clubhouse
Forest Park
6141 Lagoon Drive
St. Louis, MO 63112

Online registration and pre-payment is requested
Best entry to Forest Park is from Forsyth and Skinker by Washington University. The driveway into the
golf facility is the first left from this entrance.
Valet parking is available from 5 pm on. Parking could be limited so you may want to carpool.

We’re so excited to share that Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund (SOS) has been selected as a 2019 KMOX Voice of Caring Partner for May !
KMOX highlights one community, not-for-profit organization each month as our Voice of Caring (VOC) partner and SOS has been chosen for the month of May 2019 !
As a VOC partner, we received pre-recorded and live public service announcements on-air throughout the month. We also receive one Saturday morning on-air interview during Total Information AM and a feature on a separate page of the KMOX website which will include our logo, organization information, and web link.
We’ll also be featured in some pre-recorded public service announcements on
KMOX’s sister stations Y98 and KEZK !
This is a fantastic opportunity for SOS and needless to say, we’re VERY excited!

Discussing America’s Mental Health Crisis

Crazy, A Father’s Search Through American Mental Health Madness

SOS members were led in discussion by Dr. Meredith Throop, the medical director for Places for People.
Dr. Throop explained the groundbreaking work their organization is doing for the mentally ill in St.
Louis. Her discussion fit in perfectly with the topic of the book. This book clearly highlights the issues faced by those with mental illness in modern America.

Sharing Our Voices – Casting Our Votes

Site team members were on hand to exchange information about agencies on the ballot.
SOS members enjoyed this information as well as conversation and refreshments at this annual members-only event.

Learning About Puppies

Twenty two members including four guests were delighted with the heartwarming presentation of the Puppies for Parole program.
We were welcomed warmly by Cassady Caldwell, Executive Director and Andrea Wilkey, Senior Manager of Events and Donor Relations.  
Former offenders, Alex and JR, told a compelling story of their involvement with the program and the difference it made in turning their lives around. Alex described the pivotal moment when he learned to care about something outside of himself.
Both now work for Stray rescue and have fulfilling positive lives. They credit the Puppies for Parole program for giving them a successful re-entry into our community.
Special thanks to these two remarkable men and to the Puppies for Parole trainer Shari Baney for sharing so enthusiastically

A Little More About A Few Of Our Members

In the words of Linda Zazove . . .
I retired two years ago after working at Land of Lincoln Legal Aid in East St. Louis for over 30 years.
In addition to policy advocacy and litigation on behalf of low-income residents of central and southern Illinois, I did strategic planning and resource development. I am the Vice resident/President-elect of Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice.
I enjoy traveling, hiking, Pilates and my three grandchildren.

In the words of Deborah Bloom . . .

I was a member of the St Louis Symphony violin section for 43 seasons.
During that time I was very active in the Community Partnership Program where members of the Symphony perform free concerts at schools, hospitals, retirement centers, and other venues.
I retired from the SLSO two years ago but remain musically active teaching private lessons and performing on both violin and piano.
My husband, Chris Carson, is still a member of the SLSO bass section and we have two grown daughters, two grandchildren, and two cats. Other than musical activities include reading, exercise, cooking, attending concerts and plays and getting together with friends.
I am excited to join SOS and look forward to meeting many other members.

Thank you, Deborah

Welcome New Members to SOS!

Welcome new members to Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund!
A big SOS welcome to you all!

Linda Zazove
Robin Huffman
Anne Rataj
Barbara Toumayan
Laura Bodeges
Farris Hughes
Lee Braff

Have You Contacted Your “OO”Agent?

SOS is initiating a new program to help members stay connected to SOS activities and members. “00” Agents will reach out to members from their respective joining “class” to:

  • Remind them of upcoming events
  • Update the SOS rosters
  • Encourage classmates to visit the NEW website and Facebook page
  • Have fun gatherings of the classes such as happy hour, wine & cheese at homes, movies…..

SOS “00” Agents include:

2006-2007: Kathy Frost, Felice Joyce, Vicki Sheehan & Gwen Wesley
2008: Leslie Corey
2009 – 2010:  Pat Allen
2011-2012: Joni Karandjeff
2013: Elveeta Macon
2014: Berta James & Cathy Carney
2015: Shirley Richey & Lee Anne Quatrano
2016: Justine Craig-Meyer & Bette Handy
2017: Beth Ann Reichmann
2018 – 2019: Marianne Baer

If you haven’t been contacted by April 10, please reach out to Leslie Corey(lesliecorey@mac.com), Marianne Baer ( marebaer20@gmail.com) or Joni Karandjeff(jonik13@sbcglobal.net)

Social Media Corner


Did you know that you can enhance the SOS brand by using hashtags in our social media posts?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#) that is used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitates a search for it. When you use hashtags, you help people who are interested in your topic find your posts and Tweets.

As an example, you can add #soswomengive to any social media post or tweet which becomes a searchable phrase for anyone who is interested in SOS, women and/or giving. Once you search for these items on any social media outlet, your post will appear as one of the search results.

Listed below are recommended hashtags to use in future social media posts.






#womenscollectivegiving (include with SOS hashtag above)

#collectivegiving (include with SOS hashtag above)

Questions: Please contact Amy Garrison at  amy.garrison@brandvirtuellc.com