Impact Committee

Impact: Teresa Buehler, Chair and Carroll Rodriguez, Vice-Chair


The Impact committee help review the previous year’s grants at 6 month and 12 month intervals. This committee’s work is important to SOS and the grantee as it helps evaluate how the grantee used their grant, and the impact it made on the people and the community they serve. Inspiring stories are collected from the grantees to share with SOS membership and the community. The Impact Committee reports bi-annually on the success of each grantee as it strives to meet and complete its goals. This report includes information regarding the grantee’s concerns, challenges and highlights.

We meet twice a year; usually in March and August. The actual time commitment is around 10 hours per year. (Add an additional 2 hours for our Happy Hour which is always held at an exceptional restaurant with great food and ambiance!) That’s pretty much it.

For more information about the Impact Committee, SOS members may access the SOS website by:

  • Logging on into the Member Site
  • Scrolling down to Grant Committee Documents
  • Clicking: Impact Committee Roles and Process Document