Grants: JoAnn Sanditz, Chair and Sharon Abel, Vice-Chair


The Grants Committee manages the process of reviewing and selecting grants awarded to local non-profits each year.  SOS has a four-phase grant application process:

  • Non-profits submit Letters of Inquiry (LOI) in September each year.
  • After all submissions are reviewed by LOI committees in October each year, selected non-profits are invited to submit a Full Grant Application in January.
  • All non-profits submitting a Full Grant Application meet with Site Visit committees during February and March each year.
  • Final grantees are selected by SOS membership and attend the Annual Grant Spirit Awards Ceremony in late May each year.    

All members are encouraged to participate in the LOI review and join a Site Visit team.  The total time commitment for an LOI team member is 6-8 hours during the month of October.  The total time commitment for a Site Visit team member is 10-15 hours during the months of February and March.  

To join an LOI team or a Site Visit team, please go to  Login as a member, click on “Member Menu” then “Join Committees.” Select the checkbox next to “LOI” or “Site Visit.” If you need assistance logging in to your account, please contact