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Turning Good into Greater Good


Aim High:  $25,000

Support a four-year academic enrichment program for 5th – 8th graders from low-income neighborhoods

ALIVE:  $20,000

Provide emergency sanctuary and other services for adults and children affected by domestic violence

Almost Home:  $15,000

Offer services for previously homeless teenage mothers and their children

Angel’s Arms:  $15,000

Pay for clothing, lessons, equipment, camps fees, musical instruments and tuition assistance for sibling groups in foster homes

Annie’s Hope:  $10,000

Provide a six-week, school-based program for bereaved children and teens

Belle Center:  $12,000

Subsidize tuition and therapy for preschoolers with disabilities and developmental delays

Caring for Kids:  $5,000

Meet the basic, emergency needs of children involved in the family court system

Circle of Concern:  $10,000

Fund monthly, summertime distributions of food, activity books and games to low-income families

Griffin Center:  $11,000

Equip a computer lab in an after-school center serving 5 to 13-year-olds living in housing projects

Let’s Start:  $9,500

Pay for bus trips for children to visit their imprisoned mothers

The Mildred Brady and Rena Martin Charitable Eye Foundation:  $10,000

Provide comprehensive eye care to the indigent, homeless and other medically disenfranchised of the STL community

Ready Readers:  $15,000

Underwrite a read-aloud program for 335 preschoolers from low-income communities

St. Louis Internship Program:  $10,000

Underwrite job training and paid internships for inner-city youth in professional settings

Volunteers in Medicine:  $15,000

Provide prescription medicines for lower income people not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance

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